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Sri Arumugam Fireworks is one of the leading fireworks manufacturers of India today and its glory and reputation started very long back since its inception in the British Regime as early as 1946.

Initially started as Sri Arumugam Gunpowder Works manufacturing only gunpowder, the factory gradually expanded into very large proportions and started manufacturing various varieties of fireworks products to meet the indigenous market. The extensive list of products manufactured includes all varieties of fireworks, crackers, sparklers, novelties. More and more innovative products are added every year to this List.

Even today, Sri Arumugam Fireworks is not able to meet the ever growing local demand for its products in India , eventhough the production is stepped up every year. The fine quality of its products, the promptness in its supply, good customer relations and adoption of good business ethics, have all created and built up steep goodwill and reputation for the Factory.

Sri Arumugam Fireworks is stepping into global market and plans to win over with flying colours. Its success lies in its long experience in the field, its motivated workers, its impeccable quality control measures, maintenance of good standards, innovative products, service with smile and speed.

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